When The Rebbe Honored the Institution Builders

Second Installment of New Farbrengen Released

Just in time for Yud Beis Tammuz, JEM has released the second and final portion of the newly-restored Farbrengen of 13 Tammuz 5732, which spans over five hours.

Some highlights of the new portion:

  • The Rebbe asks Chazan Tzatzkes, a newly arrived Soviet immigrant, to lead the crowd in a joyous rendition of Ech Ti Zimlak–Who Knows One. (At 3:25:24)
  • The Rebbe challenges the new Russian immigrants to coalesce in a powerful Jewish organization. (Sicha 6 – 3:02:34) 
  • The Rebbe sings Tzamah Lecha Nafshi – with a unique twist. (3:33:55)
  • The Rebbe honors those who opened new institutions following his ‘71 Institutions’ call on Yud Alef Nissan. (3:39:55)

This black and white video, one of the first Farbrengens ever filmed, was a landmark Farbrengen. With thousands of young people crammed into 770 to hear the Rebbe’s words, the Rebbe laid out his vision regarding the task and mission he placed on the young. Using powerful lessons from the self-sacrifice of the Previous Rebbe, the Rebbe speaks about the endless potential of the youth and demonstrates how they can literally change the world.

The video is available on Jem.tv for a donation of $7.

Nigun Tzamah from the Farbrengen: