First Days of Sukkos – Highlights from 770

In the next installment of the Highlights from 770 series, JEM presents original footage from the holiday of Sukkos in 1989 (5750).

Conclusion of Yom Tov – First Night of Chol Hamoed:

Footage from the moments immediately following Yom Tov: The Rebbe asks the Gabbai to wish everyone “A Good Moed” and the crowd immediately erupts in the joyous song of “Vesamachta.”

Chasidim gather to review the Rebbe’s talks delivered over the first days of Sukkos.

18 Tishrei:

The Rebbe enters his sukkah with the Four Kinds in hand to make a blessing over them. Chassidim wait in line to make a blessing on the Rebbe’s Lulav and Esrog.

Morning services, including the customary waving of the Four Kinds during the special Hallel liturgy recited on holidays.

Film Credit: Sholom Ber Goldstein, WLCC

View photos from 17 Tishrei and 18 Tishrei 5750 – 1989.