Beautiful Audio of a Farbrengen in the Sukkah

In preparation for Sukkos, Ashreinu has restored audio of the Rebbe’s annual Farbrengen in the Sukkah from 17 Tishrei 5722. This recording, recently transferred from the Cunin collection, provides 4 hours of audio at the highest quality of a not to be missed Farbrengen.

This new restoration is the first to be published in our campaign to restore all the remaining audio from the Yuds and Chofs.

Listen to the audio here.

8 Sichos explaining the unparalleled joy of Simchas Beis Hashoevah, the connection between all the Yomim Tovim of Tishrei, and other topics. Also includes a lengthy report on Tzach activities, and many joyous and rare Nigunnim.

Click here for a transcript of the Farbrengen from Lahak.
Watch a video excerpt of vintage footage of this Farbrengen published by JEM.

Sponsored by Mendel Spalter, Yossi and Chanie Kamman, Yisroel and Chanie New and Mendy Greenberg.