My Bar Mitzvah with the Rebbe

This enlightening JEM production, My Bar Mitzvah with the Rebbe, focuses on the special rite of passage and the Rebbe’s unique approach to a young Jewish male’s coming of age.

Amongst the ideas presented are newly published footage of the Rebbe’s emphasis on the importance of Torah study and putting the “Mitzvah” back in Bar Mitzvah, as well as nurturing one’s spiritual growth at this meaningful time.

These are explored in the film through first hand accounts of several individuals who merited private audiences with the Rebbe prior to their Bar Mitzvahs, in addition to clips of beautiful interactions with Bar Mitzvah boys receiving dollars and blessings at the famed “Sunday dollars”.

Above all, the presentation conveys the Rebbe’s revolutionary ability to empower even children and adolescents to achieve beyond their years.

Watch My Bar Mitzvah with the Rebbe at (microdonation required) 

Footage of the morning prayers on 15 Iyar, 5751 was generously provided by the Wilhelm family.

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