Fresh Take on Known Event

This fascinating JEM film recalls the events in the aftermath of the Rebbe’s attack, as witnessed first hand by Dr. Ira Weiss, who would become the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s primary cardiologist.

Including little known details of the episode, the production recounts in vivid detail the incredible efforts of the medical team tasked with the Rebbe’s care.

The film’s release coincides with the month of Kislev when the Rebbe made his first public appearance since his attack, defying the odds of his medical evaluation after suffering a heart attack of such magnitude. 

Along with several pertinent clips of the Rebbe explaining the lessons to be learned from such experiences, the film presents newly restored audio of the talk the Rebbe gave from his room in 770, barely 48 hours after his heart attack. 

Of special significance, the production highlights the Rebbe’s central tenet that one’s physical health is directly related to and enhanced by one’s spiritual fortitude.

Watch A Healthy Optimism at required)