After two wonderful years, Connection Point solidifies itself as a point of connection to the Rebbe for all children. 


After two years of outstanding success, Connection Point has continued to expand and improve, with over 3,000 students worldwide who watched and understood Sichos directly from the Rebbe this year alone. So ingrained as to be part of their usual routine, students look forward to what they simply call their “Wednesday Connection,” a moment when they can connect directly to their Nassi with no middleman.


The feedback really shows that the program is accomplishing its goal: helping children connect straight to the Rebbe. By themselves.

By a recent Simcha, one eighth-grader remarked to a Connection Point team member, “It’s neat, most kids in my class don’t even need the subtitles anymore.” The program has child-friendly subtitles to assist the children in understanding the Rebbe’s words. But since these students have been in Connection Point since its launch, they are able to understand the Rebbe on their own. 

From a High School that started this year,  a teacher there described, “the girls were ‘just sitting there’ and thought it was just like any other program.” But then they heard exactly how the program works and, “you heard a shift in the room.” “The girls in the back stood up to make sure they got a good view and heard every word,” she said. 

In another school, when the principal asked the students to relay something they heard and they proceeded to repeat the message seamlessly, the principal asked “who taught you this?” The girls all eagerly answered “the Rebbe.”


Due to Covid-19, some schools couldn’t have the regular viewings take place in their school. Connection Point, always able to adapt to situations, provided them with all the necessary materials to enable the full Connection Point experience. Even from the home and over Zoom. The parents got to see how it all works and were fascinated. As one parent excitedly said, “wow, I never realized how special this is!”


Connection Point also brings the Rebbe’s message to the home. Each child receives a paper with the summarized point of the Rebbe and can repeat it by their tables. Amazing prizes were awarded to the winners of the Global Raffle.

The Rebbe’s words were said over 1000 times this round! 


The same is in the High Schools, each girl had the opportunity to write an essay expressing a point the Rebbe said. Girls chose points that spoke to them and the results were astonishing.

The GEC (Global Essay Competition) judges chose the best two and the writers were awarded accordingly.


The students are watching the Rally from Chanukah Live 5752. The rally was an incredible show of unity amongst Jews around the world. The ones who were there, always flutter with excitement when recalling that extraordinary night. Aspiring to relive that experience, Connection Point is proud to announce “Chanukah Live 5752 Relived. Children from the world over will join–over Zoom–and have the CP experience from wherever they are. The unique event will take place on the first night of Chanukah — the same day it took place 29 years ago — Thursday, 7:45 pm EST. 

Connection Point is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.

Connection Point is a project of JEM in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem.

For more information about Connection Point, please email