New JEM Productions Light Up The Globe

In a Chanukah season unlike any other in recent history, several new JEM productions have helped ignite the spirits of thousands across the globe.

With forced distance and isolation replacing in person celebrations, these presentations come at the perfect time to fan the flames of joy and connectivity, spreading the light on an increasingly darkened world.

Chanukah Live 5752 – Full Production

For starters, JEM has reproduced the entire “Chanukah Live” with the Rebbe, available now at

The revolutionary event which took place in 1991, was a live satellite broadcast of a simultaneous Menorah lighting in 6 different countries.

In a talk by the Rebbe at the time, the theme of instant global connectivity and its positive usage is more pertinent today than ever before. 

Chanukah Around the World – 70 Years Film

Next up, this week’s new Living Torah film relives the epic Chanukah Live occasion for the latest 70 years film, helping to spread its timely message of closeness and hope for the ages.

Connection Point

Shining this light on a whole new generation was this Chanukah’s “Connection Point.” Created by JEM for grade-school students, Connection Point is a weekly interactive presentation highlighting the practical applications of the Rebbe’s talks. This year’s Chanukah Connection Point culminated in a global zoom broadcast, joining schools and students from around the world with a special rally and clips from the Chanukah Live event.

Shining Beyond

Rounding out this year’s exclusive JEM productions is “Shining Beyond.” Having received many requests for videos that can be used for virtual Chanukah events, Shining Beyond was specifically designed for Shluchim and Chabad Houses as part of a new JEM initiative focusing on creating special programs and the like for the Chabad House audience.  

In addition, this beautiful feature focuses on the Rebbe’s talks that connect to the current situation, as many of the Chanukah celebrations are taking place over the web. To sign-up for this complimentary offer, visit (For more info regarding the upcoming project, visit

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