35 schools to join Connection Point Hei Teves Program

Building on the success of the Classic Program, Connection Point debuts “Connection Point Yomei Depagra” – for special days in the Chabad calendar.

“Connection Point Classic” is an initiative – for schools – that assists children watch and understand the Rebbe directly from him. The program runs for 3 rounds during the year, with each round taking about four weeks. Connection Point is a JEM production in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem.

Seeking to aid children with learning about special days on the Chabad calendar from the Rebbe and giving the children a feel of the day by the Rebbe, Connection Point is thrilled to announce its “Yomei Depgra” division. Specifically aimed at the days connected directly with our Rebbe, the program will be running four events this year: Hei Teves, Yud Shvat, Yud Aleph Nissan, and Gimmel Tammuz.

Schools have been very eager to access the program and have their students appreciate these days – and get this appreciation from the Rebbe. 

For this Hei Teves, the team is very passionate. Rabbi Levi Plotkin (Connection Point Director) laid it out rather well, “The production really expresses the way the Rebbe felt about the circumstances, the extreme joy of the Chassidim, and what its message is for each and every one of us.” 

After partaking in the program, the students will have an acute awareness of Hei Teves and how it affects us even today. And the remarkable part is, is that they will take this from the Rebbe himself.

To learn more about the Connection Point Yomei Depagra, or sign up for your school, please email: lplotkin@jemedia.org

Connection Point 5781 is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.