The Historic Epilogue of Didan Notzach

Ever since the Lubavitch movement won the pivotal court case regarding the ownership of the Previous Rebbe’s historic library, the 5th of Teves has become known as “Didan Notzach- We are victorious”.

In 1987, after several years of painstaking litigation, the U.S. Federal Court ruled essentially, in the famous deposition of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, that the Rebbe’s possessions belonged to the Chassidim because the Rebbe belonged to the Chassidim. 

The dramatic events surrounding the trial have been well documented in the special JEM production entitled “A Movement On Trial“.

Yet, there is a lesser known element of the Didan Notzach story which occurred in the aftermath of the judicial ruling — that of the subsequent celebration and the Rebbe’s unprecedented proclamation regarding the day’s spiritual power.

Now, for the first time, a new JEM film relives the historic epilogue of Didan Notzach and the incredible results of the Rebbe’s declaration that this is clearly an auspicious time for all personal requests for blessings to be delivered to the Previous Rebbe’s gravesite to be answered in full.  

Featuring exclusive eyewitness accounts and recordings of the events, the film highlights the Rebbe’s promising message of the 5th of Teves being a day in which the gates of prayer shall be truly opened every year.

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