New From JEM: Building Judaism

The Machne Israel Development Fund is an organization created to help support the growing number of Chabad programs initiated by the Rebbe. 

While much is known about the many Chabad institutions throughout the world and their invaluable work, Machne Israel has quietly worked behind the scenes to keep these programs going.

In this enlightening JEM film, the curtain has been pulled back to give the viewers a precious glimpse at this crucial support group and its origins. 

In 1984, faced with a growing need to garner additional financial support for Chabad emissaries and their services, a support group of generous benefactors was founded to facilitate their increasing community activities.  

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky who has chaired the Fund since its founding, was interviewed for the film and provides fascinating insights into its mission as well as the sensitive way the Rebbe wanted fundraising to occur. 

Additional highlights include selected talks the Rebbe had with the Fund’s members and their recollections of personal interactions as well.

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