Stories from the Alter Rebbe’s life as told by the Rebbe

For the first time, hear the Rebbe expound on the life, times and printed works of the founder of Chassidus Chabad.

“As a child, the Alter Rebbe was known to spend time in the field early in the morning, enjoying the fresh morning air.

“Early on in life, a person has had less exposure to things that cause strife and confusion later.  This is the special power of the youth.”

Over many years of Farbrengens, the Rebbe related numerous stories and insights into the Alter Rebbe’s life, teaching Chassidim lessons that can be learned from the life of the founder of Chassidus Chabad.

In honor of Chof Daled Teves, JEM’s Ashreinu app has compiled a beautiful collection of audio clips on an interactive timeline, documenting the stories and lessons the Rebbe shared with us. 

Listen to anecdotes about the Alter Rebbe’s birth and early years, and the dedication of his mother to raising him. Hear about his time in Mezritch with the Maggid, the writing of the Shulchan Aruch, and early opposition to the Chassidic movement. Stories from the span of the Alter Rebbe’s Nesius, and details about his method of publishing and teaching Torah, including the precision into every letter in Tanya

All on a new, interactive timeline from 

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