An evening with the Rebbe for Chabad Houses in time for Yud Shevat

The day of Yud Shevat marks an important and historic milestone for world Jewry and beyond. It is the day that began the process of making Shluchim and Chabad houses synonymous with Judaism in this era. 

Merkos 302 has joined with JEM to make available to shluchim: “Precious Souls” – an interactive video presentation to feature in honor of this Yud Shevat.

Precious Souls explores the Rebbe’s exemplary outlook on Ahavas Yisroel toward each and every Jew, presenting the beautiful message with which he trained our generation to see the intrinsic good and inherent potential inside each one of us. The program features thirty minutes of film – including sichos, stories, and niggunim, along with thirty minutes of talking and discussion points. 

Following JEM’s successful pilot in 15 cities for Yud Shevat of last year, a revised version was developed, allowing the program to be presented both in person, and over Zoom.

In the words of Rabbi Mendy Begun, who presented the program last year in Chula Vista, California, “It would take years of classes to get people to understand the Rebbe on the level that they can achieve in one hour with this program. Unbelievable!”.

Tried and tested, this is now a great opportunity for every Shliach to create a personal connection between those who participate in your events and the Rebbe. While relevant and suitable any time of the year, the program is especially pertinent for Yud Shevat.

“The Rebbe’s Farbrengens and interactions with people contain lessons for everyone at every stage.” Explains Rabbi Levik Gourarie, the program’s director, “The goal of “Precious Souls” is to give people a chance to see, hear, and directly appreciate  the Rebbe’s message and perspective from up close.” 

There are two options available:

Classic version, which allows each Shliach in their own setting, to present commentary, personal anecdotes and thoughts to the program. (Included in the package.)

A second fully pre-recorded option, produced for this year, featuring Rabbi Yitzchak Shochet, Shliach and Rabbi at Mill Hill Shul in Edgware, England, leading the farbrengen and adding many poignant ideas in his own unique and dynamic style.

To sign up for the Classic version click HERE
To sign up for the pre-recorded program click HERE