“Forget the world. Immerse in Purim.”

With decades-old recordings given a new life, the ultimate Purim experience is at your fingertips.

“We were given one day a year – Purim, when we can accomplish anything, even more than at Neilah on Yom Kippur. Forget about what time you need to go to sleep tonight, and how long your drive home will take.

“For one short moment – forget about yourself! Say L’chaim in a way of Ad Delo Yada, and immerse completely in Purim. Everything else will follow, including the fulfilment of all your heart’s desires.

As the Farbrengen of Purim 5715 progressed into the night, the Rebbe focused on the idea of Mesiras Nefesh. Chiding the assembled to say L’chaim and rise above the trappings of life, mundane or spiritual, the Rebbe continued:

“He sits at the Farbrengen waiting for his Nefesh Habehamis to be transformed right here on the table. If not, it is (G-d forbid!) not Purim!”

Rabbi Dovid Shochet, a Bochur at the time, recorded the Farbrengen on a series of reels, ensuring the Rebbe’s words would have a lasting impact. 

Today, JEM’s Ashreinu team is on a mission to track down audio recordings of the Rebbe’s Farbrengens in their original form, and restore these moments to the superior audio quality they deserve. 

Recently, many new audio collections have been acquired, and existing archives revisited. A dedicated team spends hours transferring these recordings from audio reels to digital form, allowing them to be restored and compared with other existing versions for the greatest possible clarity.

As the team prepares to publish the Farbrengen for perpetuity on the user friendly Ashreinu platform, the decades-old, winding magnetic tape spins through the reel-to-reel machine, and the Rebbe’s voice from that Purim night ring out, imploring the assembled to “forget the world, immerse in Purim!” 

To date, 13 Purim Farbrengens have been meticulously restored, totalling over 60 hours of an unparalleled Purim experience. In quality unsurpassed, these priceless moments are finally available for all to relive.

Visit ashreinu.app. Forget the world, immerse in Purim.

Restored Farbrengens are discernible in a darker color on the app’s “Events” page.

The Ashreinu team is looking to publish as much audio as possible in the near future, focusing now on the first 2 decades of the Rebbe’s Nesius. If you are in possession of any audio recordings of the Rebbe, please reach out to ashreinu@jemedia.org or 607-348-6961.

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