Thursday Night, Lag B’omer eve, Connection Point to host “Lag B’omer with the Rebbe”

This Thursday night, Lag B’omer, at 6:15 PM, hundreds of children and their parents will join together in front of 770 for a viewing of the Rebbe’s Lag B’omer Parade – 5744.

The event will take place on Eastern Parkway, at the exact spot where the actual parade took place. School children from all over Crown Heights will join together to watch, listen, answer questions, and win exciting prizes. The event is made possible due to a generous grant from Osher & Rivka Karnowsky and Family in memory of their dear son Shmuel A”H. 

This event is the climax of a successful year for Connection Point, a JEM project in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem that now has 51 schools worldwide engaged. Connection Point encourages children to watch and listen to the Rebbe, and provides the tools necessary for them to understand the Rebbe with no go-between.

At the event, 10 incredible prizes will be raffled off. There will also be an automatic prize for each participant. Parents are encouraged to attend as well, and every child who brings a parent will get an extra two tickets. Additionally, communities around the world will be hosting such events in connection with Lag B’omer.

Participating schools include:

  • Bnos Menachem
  • Darchai Menachem
  • Ohr Menachem
  • ULY – Crown Street
  • ULY – Ocean Parkway
  • Oholei Torah 
  • Oholei Torah – 8th Grade

Connection Point 5781 is made possible by 

Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family