Historic restoration effort covering the first 2 decades of the Rebbe’s Farbrengens now halfway complete. Untold amounts of new treasures. 

The historic restoration efforts at Ashreinu, JEM’s audio app, continues around the clock, with the goal to publish as much audio of the Rebbe’s Farbrengens in the clearest and most accessible way possible. 

Recently, tens of hours of audio, from 15 audio collections have been published. Many new moments of both Sichos and Nigunim have been uncovered. Restored Farbrengens feature full-length Hanochos from Lahak (work in progress), as well as the Lahak Toichen Inyonim and English summaries

And the effort continues: In recent weeks alone, tens of audio reels have been transferred to digital form, new audio collections have been acquired, and tens of hours of Farbrengens have been published at Ashreinu.app, bringing the entire premier audio collection to your fingertips. The campaign to restore all the audio from the Yuds and Chofs, which was launched last year, is now halfway complete.

Two of the most recently acquired collections are from Rabbi Leima Minkowicz and the Berns collection. A new office recently opened in New York dedicated to fixing and transferring audio reels has accelerated the effort.

Users at Ashreinu will notice many months and even complete years appearing in a darker color on the app’s ‘events’ page, indicating that the audio has been updated and restored. The entire 5712, 5715, 5721, and 5726 have been fully restored, with additional years almost complete. 

Some recent highlights from untold amounts of new treasures

  • Purim 5724 is now available from the newly acquired Minkowicz reels, with over an hour of newly published content.
  • Yud Beis Tammuz 5729 is now in superior quality and includes over an hour of never before heard moments from the Sichos, Ma’amar and nigunim missing until today. Restored from the Harlig and WLCC collections.

Yud Beis Tammuz 5711 and 5714, the Farbrengen in the Sukkah of Chai Tishrei 5716, and Yud Tes Kislev 5716 are also amongst the newly published Farbrengens. Look out for Purim 5719, Chof Alef Tammuz 5721 and Yud Shevat 5725, soon available for you to enjoy.

Restored audio from the 12 Tammuz 5711 Farbrengen

Restored audio from the 18 Tishrei 5716 Farbrengen

Much appreciation to Rabbi Zalman Wilhelm for his efforts in the restoration project.

As we near the completion of the first two decades of Farbrengens with restored audio, and look ahead to the rest of the audio collection, we ask that anyone who has audio recordings of the Rebbe please reach out to ashreinu@jemedia.org or call 607-348-6961.  

Working in the new NY office dedicated to restoring and transferring audio

Various audio collections recently transferred by Ashreinu

A member of the Ashreinu team fixes a rip in a reel and then carefully transfers the audio.

New darker color on the app’s ‘events’ page, indicating that the audio has been updated and restored