NEW: Fighting Crime In New York City

In this fascinating newly produced clip by JEM, we’re taken back to the early 70s, when Attorney General Luis Lefkowitz had a fascinating conversation with the Rebbe about tackling the rise in crime.

The second half of the video is from a Farbrengen gathering shortly after, where the Rebbe candidly recalls his meeting with the Attorney General and urges a holistic approach to the issue that ties education to crime prevention – for NYC and society at large.

At first glance, the education and crime statistics of the city don’t seem to have much to do with religion. But here, the Rebbe makes the case that it is the duty of every elected leader to ensure that the citizens are provided with a strong educational structure – based on a firm belief in the omnipotent power of the Almighty. In fact, without such a foundation, all other accomplishments risk being for naught.

At this Farbrengen, the Rebbe emphasized the government’s responsibility to own up to the facts on the ground: Crime has only got worse over the years, as God and religion have been progressively removed from the public square.

Sadly, this problem has still not been remedied. But thankfully, the Rebbe’s solution is still as insightful and relevant as ever.

Attorney General Luis Lefkowitz stands behind the Rebbe at a Lag B’omer parade in 1970.
Scenes of the New York subway in the 1970’s