The 70th Film for the 70th Year

Celebrating the 70th film of the 70 years series, JEM to make all these films Free – Vote & Win

The last film in the 70 years series has been published by JEM this week, in honor of the Rebbe’s 70th year of leadership.

A year and a bit ago, Yud Shevat marked 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership. To mark the occasion, JEM went on a bold initiative to create – from scratch – a series of 70 unique films each week. The features, created by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, provided premium content for a diverse audience around the world. “People from far and wide and all walks of life viewed—Boro Park, Tulum, Los Angeles,” says Shmotkin. 

When the JEM team got together to mark 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership in January of 2020, they knew they needed to create something different. “We wanted to adequately reflect the continuity and endurance the Rebbe’s impact is having,” says Rabbi Yitzchak Tsap, director of the project.

Each video featured an impactful message, with the Rebbe’s legacy highlighted through stories, sichos and footage presenting ideas, events, or personalities. Whether expounding upon “A Woman’s Obligation to Teach Torah” or “The Rebbe’s Coach” and “Thinking Positive,” the Rebbe’s directives were clearly presented. 

“The challenge with this new idea,” explains Production Coordinator Eli Sapochkinsky, “was giving each film its own look and feel.”

Making use of JEM’s extensive archive, each mini-documentary includes clips that are lesser known or confusing when viewed out of context. With the right direction, clips are pieced together to “create a complete narrative,” says Content Editor, Rabbi Shmuly Hurwitz

For example, in the Zalman Shazar film, “I’m Just the President“, a few seconds of clips, old photos, and a My Encounter interview are brilliantly woven together to give a whole new life to Shazar’s relationship with the Rebbe.

Another recent highlight was the 70th film, “Piercing the Iron Curtain.” The viewers were treated to unique footage – smuggled out of Russia – and see the Rebbe’s impact on a society hidden from the Western world. “It was amazing to show a glimpse how Russian Jewry communicated with the Rebbe from behind the Iron Curtain,” expressed Senior Researcher, Rabbi Choli Mishulovin.

Thanks to the members of the JEM Foundation, the 70 films are part of a new video database, accessible via Easy to navigate thanks to a modern and clean design upgrade and available in multiple languages to appeal to an international audience, the project has “brought the Rebbe further than ever before,” said Yaakov Rozenblat, JEM’s Head of Technology.

Free for all – Vote & Win

As part of the celebration, is making all the incredible films free over the next week leading up to Gimmel Tammuz. Please visit

Additionally, viewers will be able to vote on the film that talked to them the most. All votes will be entered into a raffle:

1 Winner: 1 year free subscription to, My Story Book and 8×10 portrait photo of the Rebbe

2 winners: 3 Month Free Access to, One by One book and 8×10 portrait photo of the Rebbe

3 winners: 1 Month Free Access to and 8×10 portrait photo of the Rebbe


As the series has been very well received by viewers like you, JEM is excited to continue in making these films and have the Rebbe’s impact accessible to everyone. “When you raise the bar so high, you can not just go back down,” said Danny Freundlich, Head of Membership in JEM. The program is influencing 1000s all over, and the impact must continue.

The 70 years series is funded by a group of committed partners and by thousands of grassroots members like you.