Give the gift of the Rebbe to your family

JEM offers 1 month free on, a beautiful website with full-length films, story-based Living Torahs, unabridged Farbrengens, and newly-published clips, totaling thousands of videos of the Rebbe.

Mrs. Rochel P. gathers her family at the dining room table for a video of the Rebbe. It’s their family hachlata to start watching the new Living Torah every Motzei Shabbos. 

Rabbi Berel M. is a Mashpia at a Yeshiva in New York. Before every Yomei Dipagra, he gathers his bochurim to watch a full farbrengen of the Rebbe. It’s been completely transformative for all of the bochurim involved. 

A Shliach in Middle America, Rabbi Sholom N. needs to stay connected to stay inspired. Every morning after davening and chitas, watching a video of the Rebbe keeps him focused on the mission.  

To stay connected to the Rebbe after Gimmel Tammuz, videos are more important than ever. Seeing the Rebbe’s eyes, hearing his voice, has the power to instantly transport us to feel as if we are in the Rebbe’s presence. “I feel like I am in a different time and place,” expressed a father in California.

That’s why, in honor of Gimmel Tammuz, JEM is encouraging people to take this opportunity to sign up and make a account. These new members will be joining the thousands of happy existing members. “It changed my entire week – I had no idea what I was missing!” said Golda N. from Florida.

The site has been completely redesigned for a seamless experience. The clean experience really makes it easy for everyone to watch these important videos. offers monthly curated content at no cost, plus has different membership tiers for full access. The site is also available in multiple languages for an international audience. 

As Gimmel Tammuz approaches, we can appreciate the importance of hiskashrus more than ever, as we set aside this day for farbrengens, hachlatos, and trips to the Ohel. 

This year, videos of the Rebbe should be the way to go.

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