JEM announces winners and continuation of the 70 Years films.

After being inundated over the past week with fantastic feedback on the 70 years films, JEM is excited to announce the continuation of the films. As they say, ‘When you step it up – you can’t go back’ – so the films must continue. One admirer wrote, “There are just no words to express my tremendous gratitude to you for what you have given me in strengthening my connection to our Rebbe. These videos are made so well, very professional, and always better than the next. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The films can be viewed on, a fresh, easy to navigate, online platform featuring thousands of videos of the Rebbe for all parts of one’s life.

The feedback was collected from the voting system. JEM made all the 70-years films free for a week, and people could vote for their favorite film. For some, it was hard to choose the film they enjoyed the most. As one voter expressed, “Keep up this amazing project, it gives us tremendous strength. I want to vote for all, but it only lets me choose one!”

The top 5 films were: “Piercing the Iron Curtain,” “Armed,” “The Rebbe’s Coach,” “A Cry Across the Millennia,” “Think Positive!

The winners of the voting are:

Yakov Mayteles – 1 year free to, My Story book, and 8×10 portrait photo of the Rebbe

Michal Preter, Benji Licht – 3 months free to, One by One book, and an 8×10 portrait photo of the Rebbe

Dov Moshel, Trevor Weinstein, Machlouf Menachem Eliyahu Elhadad – 1 month free to and 8×10 portrait photo of the Rebbe

Watch the new films at