Connection Point launches in 18 camps this summer

After an excellent third year of Connection Point, the CP team in JEM thought about potentially making a summer option.

“Hiskashrus during the summer is vital and easier to develop,” expressed Rabbi Levi Plotkin, Director of Connection Point. “So naturally, it had to be arranged,” he said.

And the CP team got to work. “Seeing all the feedback during the year, it really pushed me to get it done,” related Rabbi Chaim Loschak, Production Manager at Connection Point. And within just a couple of weeks, JEM excitedly launched Connection Point Camp.

After launching, within a couple of short days, eighteen camps jumped at the opportunity to give the special Connection to the Rebbe to their campers.

Connection Point, a JEM production in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, facilitates this Connection, and the camps were very excited to participate.

Connection Point 5781 is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family 

The following camps (so far) will be taking part in Connection Point this summer:


Bnos Menachem Day Camp
Camp Chomeish
Camp Emuna
Camp Gan Israel UK
Camp Lechatchila Ariber
CGI Miami
CGI Toronto
Machane Bnos Menachem (Monsey)


CGI Detroit
CGI Florida
CGI Montreal
CGI Parksville
CGI Toronto
Chabad Youth of AU
Chayolei Hamelech
Montreal Section C
Tzeirei Hatmimim