New campaign to restore and publish years of audio of the Rebbe

The Sichos from 5748 – 5752, as you have never heard before.

The campaign launched by JEM’s to restore and publish all the audio of the Yuds and Chofs is now reaching its conclusion. Over the past year, HUNDREDS of hours of audio have been published for the first time, and many times more than that have been properly restored to the best possible quality. The precious audio library of the Rebbe’s Farbrengens has been given the home it deserves, accompanied by full-length Hanachos, Hebrew summaries and concise English descriptions, all presented for public use at the user-friendly

As we continue to search amongst vast collections of audio reels for enhanced versions of the last remaining Farbrengens of the first 2 decades of the Rebbe’s Nesius, we are now looking to the future. We hope you are as excited as we are as we embark on the next part of this journey.

Today, the restoration campaign covering the years between Chof Beis Shevat 5748 – Chof Zayin Adar 5752 begins. Using recently discovered reels containing the original audio of these events, we will be publishing thousands of events, including hundreds never before heard. Tefillos, Sichos, Farbrengens, Yechidus and Kos Shel Bracha distributions, every event will be available in its entirety, in their original, full-quality form. Each Sicha will be published with a word-for-word Yiddish transcript and a concise English description. Data mistakes will be revisited and corrected. The precious Sichos of the later years of the Rebbe’s Nesius will be accessible as never before.

Check out a sample here. Restored audio and full-length Yiddish transcript!

We are here to enable the restoration and publication of this treasure. We call on your support to help us make this happen, for the benefit of an ever-growing audience thirsting to hear the Rebbe’s words. 

Please partner with us in building a befitting home for the audio of the Rebbe.


Your donation will be generously matched:

By Danny and Gabi Shapiro.

and In loving memory of Azriel Tzvi ben Mordechai.