New program helps younger students connect to the Rebbe

Connection Point, a project of JEM in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, started a few short years ago, reaching a handful of local schools. Today, they have a goal of reaching upwards of 60 schools. It’s exciting and refreshing to see so many students worldwide receive the special direct connection with the Rebbe the program facilitates.

Connection Point is about helping boys and girls connect to the Rebbe by watching and understanding the Rebbe directly. Offering multiple tracks, the ‘CP Classic’ program is geared for grades 5-8, and ‘CP High’ caters to high school students. 

This year, thanks to the sponsorship of Reut & Mendel Pinson in honor of the Rebbe’s children around the world, something even more novel has premiered. For the first time (after piloting in select schools last year), CP is expanding to a new demographic – 2nd to 4th grade, with the launch of CP Junior. 

What is the specialty? How does it work?

CP Classic helps students connect to the Rebbe by understanding the Rebbe himself. CPJunior helps younger students connect with the Rebbe through experiencing special moments with the Rebbe and learning from them. 

Students watch unique video clips of the Rebbe. As they view them, a child narrator leads the students through the special locations and events with the Rebbe where they actually occurred. The combination motivates the young viewers to experience these moments precisely the way they were.

The pilot, in six schools, was an unbelievable achievement. The schools kept asking for more of these films to educate their students about the Rebbe and build a tangible connection that will be felt in their daily lives. 

The program will start in Shvat. Registration closes on November 19 – ט”ז כסלו.

Connection Point 5782 is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.

What some of our Pilot schools said about Connection Point Junior:

Seeing phrases such as “I loved seeing the Rebbe’s smile” and “the Rebbe cares about us kids ” in adorably misspelled, shaky 2nd grader’s handwriting gives me hope for our future.

A parent came and thanked me for giving her younger daughter the same gift of Hiskashrus that her older daughter gets…  (Mrs. Rochie Charytan – Beis Chaya Mushka, Los Angeles, CA) 

I have not seen any other form of hiskashrus come close to what Connection Point is doing for these students. (Rabbi Shmuli Turk – Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY)

“With each program, they got more and more excited and liked it more and more. They especially loved seeing kids in the videos – the one with kids passing by “dollars” was a big hit” (Mrs. Rochale Lustig – Cheder Chabad, New Haven, CN) 

To learn more, please contact / (718) 774-6000 ext. 1170