New Farbrengen: Yud Tes Kislev 5733

5 hour video of Yud Tes Kislev with the Rebbe published

This new release from JEM contains full video of a 1972 (5733) Farbrengen with the Rebbe, marking the 19th of Kislev, 174th anniversary of the liberation of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the Alter Rebbe, from Czarist prison.

In this 5 hour event, now published in its entirety, the Rebbe addresses the unique virtue of a Sabbatical (Shemitah) year, dedicating several talks to exploring some of its relevant lessons. Focusing on the theme of Shabbos, the Rebbe discusses living in “Shabbos mode” week and year round, elevating the mundane and recognizing the higher purpose in our everyday tasks. 

Additional talks of the Farbrengen focus on the responsibility of every individual to be a positive  influence on his or her surroundings, infusing a Jewish home with holiness by building a library of Torah books, a lengthy address on tractate Shabbos, and defending Jewish law in the Holy Land.

This special release includes the entire five hour event, with the video and audio meticulously restored. Six of the major addresses are presented with subtitles in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. Watch Here (membership required).

Generously dedicated by Rabbi Yossi and Tzalcha Amar in honor of his father, Reb Yaakov Amar, in honor of his birthday on 17 Kislev, לאורך ימים ושנים טובות.