Showing Support for JEM, 3 Donors Launch “Flash” Campaign

Despite the busy Chanukah season, three entrepreneurs took the initiative to launch a fundraising campaign “showing support to the JEM team, who wake up every day on behalf of all of us.”

Danny ShapiroAri Greenwald and Ben Federman, called on those who benefit from JEM’s programs to show their support by donating today, where the amount is large or small.

Donations can be dedicated to any of the individual teams that bring JEM’s videos of the Rebbe to the masses at

“It’s one thing when we get behind a communal initiative because we’re obligated to, but it’s entirely different to get behind JEM, where they’re constantly distributing videos of the Rebbe to ever-growing audiences.

“The latter form of Tzedaka gives a very different kind of excitement, in the sense that you’re becoming a partner in bringing the Rebbe to people.

Added Ari Greenwald: the JEM team works tirelessly to disseminate the Rebbe’s message, and it’s our job and our zchus to make sure they have the resources and support to continue doing this incredible work.

“Chanukah is a prime time where the world over experiences the amazing audio and video that has been preserved and produced by JEM.”

Please consider showing your support by donating today at