Two never before heard recordings of private Yechidus

Newly obtained rare audio of Yechidus published by JEM’s

In honor of Yud Shevat,, JEM’s audio app, has published two never before heard audio recordings of private Yechidus in the Rebbe’s room.

In this Yechidus of just under 3 minutes, the Rebbe provides encouragement and advice to a Bochur on learning and discussion with a Chavrusa. A special moment rarely captured on tape.

A one of a kind tape, this recording captures a conversation with the Strohli family, who merited a Yechidus with the Rebbe in connection with their daughter’s wedding.  

A family of Bobover Chassidim who lived in Crown Heights for many years, they would often come to 770 and had a connection to the Rebbe. 

This recording was provided to us by Rabbi Simcha Strohli, today a senior Gabbai in Bobov, who discreetly recorded the Yechidus with a tape recorder and microphone in his coat sleeve. 

Thank you to Bentzion Pearson of the My Encounter team for obtaining this recording.

If you are in possession of any recordings of the Rebbe, please reach out to to have them published.