A Behind the Scenes look at producing clear audio of a 1960s Farbrengen

Five audio recordings uncover a new Purim with the Rebbe experience.

Rabbi Ahron Goldstein שיחי’, Ann Arbor, MI. Rabbis Berel Baumgarten of Argentina, Leibel Raskin of Morocco, Dovid Raskin of New York.

What do these four Chassidim have in common?

Recently uncovered by JEM’s Ashreinu team, each of these four individuals recorded or had in their possession a recording of the Rebbe’s Farbrengen of Purim 5727. Together with the WLCC collection, these five versions of the Farbrengen are now being meticulously transferred to digital form, and then compared with each other and with the transcripts of the Farbrengen for the clearest and fullest possible audio of the Farbrengen.

When complete, this audio will be published on Ashreinu.app in the coming days for all to experience a Purim Farbrengen with the Rebbe in restored quality.

Also coming soon are Purim 5716 and 5720, completing the restoration of all Purim Farbrengens from the Yuds and Chofs. 

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