Acclaimed Connection Point program now available for individual students at home

“What about my child?” is a common refrain heard from Shluchim and Anash who live in places without a Lubavitcher Cheder. 

As Connection Point – a project of JEM in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem – grows, more and more children are able to experience the special direct Connection to the Rebbe that comes with it.

As the popular program is school based however, children without a Lubavitcher school to facilitate it were unable to participate. 

Until today. Thanks to generous funding and hard work, Connection Point is now offering a program designed specifically for children without a Lubavitcher Cheder in their community. This means even more children can experience this unparalleled Connection and learn Sichos directly from the Rebbe. 

The program, for children in grades 5-8, will be conducted live by Zoom, with children logging on to participate. As with all Connection Point programs, participants will enter raffles for special prizes. 

Currently, in its Pilot mode, Connection Point Home will be accepting 25 children this round. Sign up fast – the program starts this week!

Click here to sign up. 

Connection Point 5782 is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.