Uncovered audio: 1970 discussion with the Rebbe and Mayor of New York City John Lindsay

Newly acquired audio of the Rebbe receiving mayor of New York John Lindsay in Yechidus on 10 Cheshvan, 5730 (October 22, 1969) has been published at JEM’s Ashreinu.app.

John Lindsay met with the Rebbe several times during his tenure as mayor of New York City from 1966 – 1973. In this conversation, the Rebbe discuses with the mayor police protection, housing, education, and other matters pertaining to the Crown Heights community.

Mayor John Lindsay in Yechidus, Circa 1968 – 1972.

The audio recording begins with a discussion between the mayor and Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky and others, providing context to the Yechidus with the Rebbe that follows. Rabbi Krinsky later reported to the Rebbe on the discussion, which focused on three primary issues: Police assignments and ensuring Crown Heights regularly has a visible police presence, housing for the community especially senior citizens, and a special task force to deal with community related matters. 

Recorded at the time by Rabbi Sholom Yisroel Hodakov, this tape was provided to Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook of Lahak to transcribe in a future volume of Toras Menachem. The audio recording was then passed on to JEM’s Ashreinu team, and is now available for listening in its entirety at Ashreinu.app.

Listen here.

Copy of the report written by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, and the Rebbe’s handwritten response. Teshura Futerfas-Kaminetzky – Sivan 5771.