Connection Point starts this week in camps all over the world

As summer camps all over the world begin, Connection Point Camp 5782 is also starting up for another summer with 6 incredible programmes. 

Among the 6 programs, a special Gimmel Tammuz CP Program has also been launched. A one time program, where children can listen directly from the Rebbe, answer some questions and have the chance to win from the 15 grand prizes!

The Connection Point Team and JEM would like to take this time to wish all the camps Hatzlacha that they have a successful summer, and especially in their Connection Point Programs. 

Offering the Gimmel Tammuz Program for $100, contact to get the program for your camp.

Connection Point Camp 5782 is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family in memory of Mrs Malka Rosenfeld.

Connection Point is a JEM production in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem.

The following camps (so far) will be taking part in Connection Point this summer:


Cheder Lubavitch Illinois, Skokie IL

CGI Florida, Groveland, FL

Oholei Menachem, Brooklyn, NY

Chayolei Hamelech, Lackawaxen, PA

Cheder Menachem Yeshivas Kayitz, Los Angeles, CA

Kiryat Gan Yisroel New York, Parksville, NY

CGI Montreal, La Minerve, QC

CGI UK, London England

CGI Detroit boys, Tustin, MI

CKids Gan Yisrael


Camp Chomeish, Moodus CT

Bais Rivka, Brooklyn, NY

CGI Toronto Girls, Toronto, ON

Camp Emunah, Greenfield Park, NY

CGI United, Bushkill, PA

Camp Lechatchila Ariber, Los Angeles, CA