New Photo Collection Released In honor of Gimmel Tammuz

The Rebbe sees off Shluchim in spring of 5749 (1989)

These never-before-seen pictures show the Rebbe doing the Mitzva of taking Chala, distributing the Matzah to various Shluchim going to Israel, and then escorting them outside as they head to the airport. The Rebbe had drawn water to be used the Monday before (see a clip of this here). Tuesday they were baked, and Wednesday, the 7th of Nissan 5749 (1989) were when this set of photos were taken.

Each event by the Rebbe was something special. Each Farbrengen was different. Each Sunday dollars affected the receiver differently. Yet there were some events that were more unique.

As the holiday of Pesach would approach each year, preparations would begin two weeks before bake the Rebbe’s Matzos. Matzah is the “bread of faith” and many wanted to receive Matzah directly from the Rebbe. To accommodate this, an earlier batch would be made so the Rebbe could send off the Matzah to the far away Shluchim performing the Pesach Seder with their communities.

While reorganizing the JEM office recently, many dusty negatives were found (as previously reported). These precious photographs included. They were taken by Rabbi Chaim Baruch Halberstam of the WLCC. Meticulously preserving these images takes time, but the JEM team thought it proper to publish one of the sets in honor of Gimmel Tammuz – 28 years.

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See a video of this event here

Many thanks to Rabbis Mendel Gourarie, Motti Hazan and Memkeh Schmukler for helping these treasures come to light.