JEM Presents: The Rebbe’s Three Steps to Victory

For over forty years, the Rebbe served as a source of inspiration and guidance to the Jews of Israel. During peace and conflict, he navigated the Jewish people through advesity and calm.

Over these past few days, hundreds of thousands have taken strength from the Rebbe’s “inspirational” messages, but far fewer are famliar with the Rebbe’s full vision for how Israel can experience victory and a long-term peace.

In a new video, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, JEM’s director lays out what he calls, “the results of twenty-five years of study of the Rebbe’s approach to Israel’s security.”

Aiming to present the Rebbe’s opinion in as succinct and uncomplicated a presentation as possible, JEM Presents: The Rebbe’s Three Steps to Victory manages to present the Rebbe’s views for Israel’s security in one short video.

The way a nation state fights a war is on four levels.

  1. National objectives
  2. Strategy
  3. Operations
  4. Tactics

Almost everything Israel has been doing or saying in the past week seems to be on level 4.

The Rebbe operates first on level one, and then everything stems from there.

Once you get a really good understanding of the Rebbe’s approach to level one, you can work your way down from there.

Operations and tactics can change from time to time depending on the specific situation.

The main thing is that you start with a solid level one and have that as your foundation