Around the World, the Rebbe’s Message is Heard

At prayer gatherings and on the front lines, public events and private living rooms, a surge in interest

Since the barbaric attack in Eretz Yisrael on Shemini Atzeres, Jews around the world have been reeling, thirsty for support, guidance, encouragement, and answers.

“What do we do? What should our response be? Can we eke out a victory from this terrible situation?”

During each conflict over the past five decades, the Rebbe’s voice of clarity resonated from 770 directly to the halls of the Kirya (Israel’s Pentagon) in Tel Aviv, to the headlines of Jewish newspapers in dozens of languages, and the pulpits of thousands of synagogues across the world.

As it turns out, more than ever before, Jews around the world continue to turn to the Rebbe’s timeless guidance and inspiration. Videos of the Rebbe related to the ongoing crisis are quickly are being shared widely on social media, chalking up hundreds of thousands of views on social. Between all languages, millions of views are quickly accumulating. 

A worried nation is watching, sharing and living with the voice of the Rebbe.

At a large public prayer gathering in New York City, hundreds turned to a screen to watch the Rebbe’s thunderous voice on Lag B’Omer 1967, reminding us that G-d will grant salvation to His people, and repeating G-d’s assurances: “You will follow in My statutes… You will live in security in your land. And I will grant peace in the Land, and you will lie down with no one to frighten you.” 

The same message reverberated in seven languages at hundreds of similar events, attended by hundreds of thousands, across five continents.

Having hastily bade their families farewell, thousands of IDF soldiers on their way to the front lines absorbed the Rebbe’s resolute words declaring that their “to defend the Holy Land and its inhabitants, the Holy Nation, with their very bodies. This is literal mesirut nefesh, of which there is no higher level. 

Many viewers spoke of learning of the videos through acquaintances, or on the social media pages of Shluchim in Israel. 

Bereaved families, some having lost multiple family members, are finding some comfort in the Rebbe’s words, in the summer of 1982, to the orphaned children of soldiers lost in battle.

From the moment Simchas Torah ended, the team at JEM have been working around the clock, locating and carefully curating appropriate content, and fielding hundreds of requests from Shluchim, influencers, institutions and event organizers. Special priority is being given to requests coming from ground zero — Israel itself.

One compilation of the Rebbe’s addresses on the special mitzvah campaigns he launched during past conflicts was featured at dozens of events across the world within the first twenty-four hours of publication.

“Experiencing the power of the Rebbe’s emunah at an emergency prayer event really moved people,” said Rabbi Avraham Dyce, Shliach in Oregon. “People sat for an hour and a half soaking in all we had to share, and the videos of the Rebbe really inspired. Some immediately took upon themselves to attend weekly Torah study in support of our brothers and sisters in danger.”

A quickly produced, but thoroughly researched, in-depth video, “JEM Presents: The Rebbe’s Three Steps to of Peace” hosted by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, JEM’s director, lays out a clear, succinct roadmap of the Rebbe’s guidance that can lead Israel to peace has already been viewed tens of thousands of times on a plethora social media platforms (currently in translation to other languages).

A special short film by the Living Torah team, already viewed by over 70,000 worldwide in five languages, focuses on the Rebbe’s urgent messages to Israel’s leaders during the Yom Kippur War. The Rebbe’s message to achieve lasting peace through ultimate victory is at its core.

Additional videos being widely shared focus on the Rebbe’s call during the Yom Kippur war of 1973, exactly 50 years ago, to respond with joy and uplifted spirits. The Rebbe’s call to action in the days preceding the 1967 Six Day War, calling on Jews everywhere to lay Tefillin, has also been presented by JEM and viewed by thousands. 

Across social media platforms and JEM’s video and audio sites, content is constantly being collected and published. Click here for a list of relevant clips which continues to be updated.

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