Photographer’s “Prized Collection” of Pictures of the Rebbe Published

Following the successful launch of JEM’s new photo site a year ago, the project of publishing photos of the Rebbe continues. The site is constantly being updated with new features for search, tagging, ordering, and browsing the hundreds of thousands of photos of the Rebbe throughout the years. 

In a recent development, approximately 8,500 photos have been migrated to the new website, including a large selection of photos from the month of Tishrei 5738 and 5750. These pictures are now accessible on JEM’s upgraded photo website, which boasts many enhanced features, ensuring a seamless user experience for activities such as searching, browsing, and tagging photos.

Included is a special collection of photos captured by the famed photographer Levi Freidin has been published, many for the first time. Almost four hundred photographs, these make up Freidin’s “prized collection,” his handpicked shots that he kept in a separate collection. Staff at JEM have gone through the process of identifying and processing these photos, and we are proud to now make them available at 

Additionally, many unique photos taken by Gershon Schusterman in the early 1960s are also being published for the first time in their entirety.

Browse the new collection here.

With appreciation to Rabbis Mendel Gouarie, Motti Hazan, Memkeh Schmukler and Mendel Greenberg of the JEM team.

Photos of the Rebbe have been preserved through a grant from the Rohr Family Foundation.

The JEM photo website is made possible by members of the JEM foundation.