As War Continues into Third Month, IDF Soldiers Receive the Gift of Rebbe’s Encouragement and Smile

Since the first moments of the war in Israel, the IDF soldiers on the front lines have been front-of-mind for all of Klal Yisrael. Jewish communities around the world have rallied to support through all possible means, sending soldiers tzitzis and tefillin or tactical gear and physical nourishment.

The Rebbe, in particular, cherished soldiers of the IDF, seeing them as emissaries of the Jewish people who were entrusted with safeguarding the borders of the Holy Land and the precious Jewish souls residing within it, performing actual mesiras nefesh — self sacrifice, in the classic Jewish sense — with their very bodies.

In a new initiative by four couples,  the Rebbe’s uplifting smile and his words of encouragement are being delivered directly to the warriors — with the added impact of a video component.

100,000 of the distinctive plastic cards are being distributed by Shluchim to soldiers across Israel. The beautiful picture of the Rebbe, is accompanied by a letter from the Rebbe encouraging IDF soldiers.

The card contains a QR code linking to a specially-curated video playlist showcasing the Rebbe’s words of encouragement and blessings for the soldiers—conveying the Rebbe’s actual words and voice to those undertaking the most significant responsibility in the world during these challenging times.

This project has been generously funded by grants from Yehudah & Yocheved Daphna, Rabbi Shloimy & Mirele Greenwald, Mendel & Reut Pinson, Menachem & Dina Kranz and others. 
It’s also sponsored by Members of the JEM Foundation.