Two Yud Shevat Photo Series Published by JEM

As Yud Shevat approaches, marking 74 years of the Rebbe’s Nesius, the JEM team proudly announces the publication of recently discovered beautiful photographs capturing moments from Yud Shevat in the presence of the Rebbe.

Two new photo collections, comprising a total of 37 pictures from the 5720s and 5730s, are now available on JEM’s recently updated photo site.

Yud Shevat 5729
A series of negatives, entrusted to JEM, features images of the Rebbe Davening Shacharis at the Amud on an unknown date. The investigative skills of the JEM team were employed to determine the date and photographer; Shmuel Rivkin captured these moments on Yud Shevat 5729.

After confirming the date of these pictures and their timely significance, a rush to prepare them for publication was initiated, and we are pleased to have them ready before Yud Shevat.

Shevat 5737
An envelope of pictures captured by Yossi Melamed, were missing at the time of purchase, and were recently provided to JEM. While certain parts of this collection have been previously published, we are now releasing the pictures of two Farbrengens: Yud Shevat 5737 and Tes Vov Shevat 5737, which we recently received in full. These Melamed photos now complete the existing photos of these Farbrengens previously published from other collections.

Click here to view all the new Yud Shevat pictures.

Thank you Rabbis Mendel Gourarie, Motti Hazan and Memkeh Schmukler for their dedicated work to make this happen.