JEM Foundation to Hold Unique Event Marking 30 Years of Gimmel Tammuz

The JEM Foundation has announced a unique event marking 30 years since Gimmel Tammuz. 

In the past three decades, JEM has played a pivotal role in assisting the Rebbe’s voice to reverberate, making it possible for millions of people around the globe to learn directly from the Rebbe through video and audio recordings. 

At this high-end event, billed “Brighter Than Ever,” members of the Foundation, alongside admirers and supporters of JEM’s mission, will be given a true “JEM Experience” – a 120-minute blend of inspiring farbrengen, videos of the Rebbe, and practical inspiration. The program, open to anyone who registers, will begin in the final hours of Gimmel Tammuz. Of course, it will be delivered with JEM’s signature technology, design, and innovation. 

Amongst other highlights, the event will feature powerful, practical inspiration, and a deeper view of the Rebbe’s influence on the ground in Israel. Event attendees will also receive a special glimpse into upcoming JEM projects.

Apropos to the serious nature of the day, the farbrengen’s nigunim will be led by musical director Avremi Gourarie, along with acclaimed vocalists.

“Foundation members are committed to ensuring that the Rebbe’s voice is present, heard, and applied,” said Rabbi Yechiel Cagen, a director of the JEM Foundation. “It’s only appropriate for us to gather on this auspicious day to inspire and uplift each other – to propel and amplify the Rebbe’s message through JEM’s holy work.”

Rabbi Eli Kornfeld, Executive Director of Chabad of Hunterdon County and a member of the evening’s organizing committee, shared: “As a Shliach, JEM has always served as a valuable tool to help me and my family connect to the Rebbe. Shluchim rely on JEM to share the Rebbe’s voice with our families and communities.”

Josh Goldhirsch of Melbourne, Australia, a founding member of the Foundation, has observed JEM’s dramatic growth as a result of funding by the Foundation, and the pivotal role the Foundation has played in bringing the Rebbe’s voice to new audiences. “Most vividly, I’ve seen up close the huge part JEM has played in sharing the Rebbe’s voice on Israel’s security at this critical time.”

“Each donor is partnering with JEM’s team,” continued Goldhirsch, “fueling the effort to further amplify the Rebbe’s voice, in a way of clarity and authenticity.”

Admission donations will go directly toward the goal of the JEM Foundation: providing stability for JEM to be able to continue fueling new content types, technologies and platforms.

“The vision of the JEM Foundation, of our funders and team members, and of the evening, are all the same,” said Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, Executive Director of JEM and the Foundation. “We are a group of people who are united in seeking to connect ourselves, our families and the wider with the Rebbe; to experience the Rebbe’s guidance and inspiration and to share it with others. Not as a decades-old memory, G-d forbid, but as a living, vibrant, relevant relationship.”

In Rabbi Kornfeld’s words: “It’s easy to take the treasure of content available for granted – after all, it’s only one click away. But in honor of 30 years since Gimmel Tammuz, let’s join with other Shluchim, chasidim and admirers to ensure that the Rebbe’s message reaches every corner of the world.”

The JEM Foundation invites you to join this unforgettable event.

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