Precious Souls


A Ready-to-go fully packaged event program for your Chabad house. The program features three short videos, totaling close to 30 minutes, prepared talking and discussion points, and provides marketing material to advertise your event.

The Program was specially modified to engage in a Zoom online setting, though it can still be done In-person as well (considering all the guidelines).

Precious Souls is a new one-of-a-kind program. it has been proven and tested at over 15 Chabad Houses. Now, everyone can have the chance to try this new innovative program at their own Chabad House.


Give everyone in your community the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the Rebbe himself. Give yourself the opportunity to discuss these important topics and the Rebbe’s perspective on them, with a new demographic that can be reached by this style event.

Who (Target Audience):

Everyone. One does not need to have any prior knowledge about the Rebbe to enjoy this program, This program can actually serve as their initial draw to the Rebbe and his teachings. At the same time, it can be appreciated by the “regulars” as well.


Whenever works best for you!

The nights around Yud Shevat are a perfect time. The Program features part of the sicha of Yud Shevat 5711.


The Video presentation features excerpts of Sichos and interviews, and shows personal interactions with the Rebbe, giving the perspective of the Rebbe on Ahavas Yisroel and the power of every Jew.


Cost: $99.99
Duration: 50-60 Minutes

Language: English

Package Includes:

  • Mission of Love (1 Short film)
  • Precious Souls parts I and II (2 Film collages)
  • Marketing Material
  • Talking and discussion points
  • Program guide



Advisory Board

Shluchim Advisory Board

  • Rabbi Eli Friedman, Calabasas, CA
  • Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, Toms River, NJ
  • Rabbi Levi Mendelow, New Canaan, CT
  • Rabbi Kushi Schusterman, Harford, MD

Program Created by Rabbi Levik Gourarie. Program set-up and Talking Points by Rabbi Levi Mendelow and Rabbi Eli Friedman.