You Are Never Helpless

While doing outreach work on college campuses as a Chabad emissary in the Los Angeles area, I began running into missionaries who were trying to convert Jewish students to Christianity. Also, the Chabad House where I worked was getting phone calls from parents whose children had converted, so I had to learn how to respond. Read more:

Getting Your Hands Dirty

I was impressed by his knowledge of criminology. For example, at a certain point in the conversation he asked me, “Are you familiar with the writings of Cesare Lombroso?” Read More:

The Army Dance

At my father’s request, the Rebbe gave me a blessing – in fact, he blessed me twice in the course of that evening. My father was not a man who showed a lot of emotion, but that day he was very moved. I believe that it was very important to him that his son – who bore his father’s name – should receive a blessing from the Rebbe.