HMS: Don’t Stop Now

Here's My Story: When I was seventeen, the Nazis invaded Poland. After several years, they herded all the Jews of my hometown, Radom, into a ghetto. From there, little by little, most were sent to the Treblinka extermination camp where they were murdered in the gas chambers.

HMS: Clandestine Cooperation

Here's My Story: In the late 1950s, at a time when the Iron Curtain was almost impenetrable, I served as the first secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Moscow. While officially I was playing a diplomatic role, I was actually tasked by the Israeli government with creating a link with the Jews trapped in the USSR.

HMS: The Sight Seeing Trip

Here's My Story: I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a traditional though not a Torah-observant home. But when I was a kid, my uncle, Dr. Rodney Unterslak, returned to South Africa having become religious while living in England, and he greatly influenced me.