When Shmuel Blizinsky served in the IDF in the early 1950s, he was only able to find twelve religious soldiers on his entire base. As it turned out, the Rebbe was able to find him three thousand.

The Heart of a Mother

Here’s My Story: Mrs. Leah Moscowitz of Chicago tells of her miracle baby boy and the great interest the Rebbe took in her health and of the baby. Plus the dollar from the Rebbe he received at his Bar Mitzva.

Search Harder

I took his advice and joined him for prayers at Chabad Headquarters the following week. I didn’t get to see the Rebbe in a private audience, I just got to meet him in the hallway as he was leaving his office. But that encounter was most memorable. In fact, it changed me forever.

Do Not Push

When Mrs. Sarah Karmely started becoming religious, her husband was strongly opposed. She says that the Rebbe’s advice and guidance, sometimes not what she expected, saved her marriage and family.