Welcome to the grand Connection Point Chanukah Live Relived

On this page, you’ll find all the resources you need to follow along together with children participating from around the world.

Here are the codes for each of your schools. Make sure to put the code in (and put your name after the code) as you log on to the zoom.

Girls Schools

Cheder Chabad Palm Beach: CCPB
Bais Rebbe: BRLA
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago: CLC 
Bnos Menachem: BMCH 
Cheder Chabad New Haven: CCNH Chabad Hebrew Academy San Diego: CHSD

Boys Schools

Oholei Menachem Postville: OMP 
Cheder Chabad Palm Beach: CCPB 
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago: CLC – 
YTTL Montreal: YTTL 
Oholei Torah 5-6: OTCH 
Cheder Chabad New Haven: CCNH 
Chabad Hebrew Academy San Diego: CHSD
Cheder Menachem: CMLA    Shluchim Online School: NSOS    Cheder at The Ohel: CATO

Here are the Zoom links to join:

Girls’ Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/95337173800?pwd=YWNjTko2WVNGZTFjSjVaeUFnR0VCdz09
ID: 953 3717 3800 Passcode: 770

Boys’ Zoom Link:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78172926353?pwd=ZU0zN1E3emZ1cGluLzhPWHhTeGVkZz09 ID: 781 7292 6353 Passcode: 770

Below is the English Question sheet to print: (for both sichos)

English Question Sheet

Below is the Yiddish Question sheet to print: (for both sichos)

Yiddish Question Sheet

Video One (watch until 28:18):

Video Two:

Video Three:

Video Four: