Connection Point 5784

Dear Educator, welcome to the application for Connection Point – 5784. Below are the items needed to complete your application. Please be sure to fill out the entire form. Applications will be accepted until September 7/21 Elul. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Yisroel Slonim or Chaya’le Wilhelm Thank you!


Please write the correct spelling of your school name as it is usually referenced (this is how we will refer to your school and how it will show on videos).
Address of School(Required)
Important for the number of prizes, question sheets, etc.
Important for the number of prizes, question sheets, etc.
Which programs would you like your school to participate in?(Required)
Boys or Girls School?(Required)
The program is for both boys and girls from 3th through 8th grades, depending on which track you choose. If your school has a boys and girls division, a separate application should be filled out for each.

Representative and Viewing Information

The person running Connection Point at your school and the contact with us to coordinate. They must be excited and passionate about the program, and ready to invest the time and effort to make it the best it can be. This person can be the principal, but it does not need to be.
If different than principal
If different than principal
The success of the program is dependent on the environment, it is critical to have an authority present inforcing proper behavior of the students. If the Connection Point Representative is the principal or someone else who has adequate control it is enough. If not, the principal should be present during the program.
Do you have the proper equipment to show the rally?(Required)
To ensure the students focus, it is imperative to make sure there is proper equipment for screening the video. Please check the items that apply.
Do you want the program in Yiddish?
If all or some of your students will need Yiddish material, please tell us the number of children requiring Yiddish.
What subtitles do you want on your videos?(Required)


You will receive an invoice via email to pay online for the program. You will have an option to pay in full now or recurring charges by each round (the invoice will say the dates when you will be charged) You will not receive any school material until payment is processed.
Cost to Participate(Required)
Affiliates: $2,200 annually (may be payed in two installments) Non Affiliate EITHER Junior or Senior (Per Round): 0-35 students- $415. 36-60 students – $495. 61-120 students – $555. 121+ students – $610 BOTH Junior and Senior Non Affiliate (Per Round): 0-35 students- $550, 36-60 students- $600, 61-120 students- $675, 121+ students- $750 Foundations (Per Film) *must purchase a minimum of six programs. 0-35 students – $120, 36-60 students – $150, 61-120 – $180, 121+ – $210.
If the shipping address is different then the school address, please fill in the shipping address here.