Hidden Treasure

Unearthing the Potential Within Each Individual

At twenty-five years from Gimmel Tammuz, JEM presents a short inspirational film focusing on the Rebbe’s unique ability to mine the treasures within each individual.

Geared toward wide audiences which might be learning about the Rebbe for the first time the film, which is 11:30 minutes long, is currently available.

Beside recollections and comments from a number of prominent individuals, the film includes a number of first-time release clips of the Rebbe in conversation on the topics of the essence of a Jew and the importance of every individual.

“Sometimes the most transformative moments in your life happen when someone else believes in you more than you believe in yourself,” says Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks. “You saw yourself reflected in his eyes and all of a sudden, you were much bigger.”

Please take part in this unique and important project by participating in the expenses. Film will be delivered to participating via digital delivery.


Suggested Participation

Larger cities:$400-$500.
Mid-size cities:$200-$360.
Small cities:$50-$180.