The Sacred Art of Publishing

Rabbi Eliyahu Matusof is a member of the editorial staff of Otzar HaChassidim and of Machon Lihachonas Drushei Dach Lidfus, the institute tasked with preparing chasidic teachings for print, which function under the auspices of Kehot, the Chabad publishing house. He was interviewed in July of 2018.

The 80-Minute Transformation

While I was enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Chicago – a time when I was just becoming religious – I faced a serious personal problem. Suffice it to say that it was an extremely difficult situation and I was in tremendous emotional pain, so I decided to write about it to the Rebbe. In my letter – which was about a dozen pages long – I detailed the entire background of the matter, its history, its issues, totally pouring out my heart. READ MORE:

Be An Original, Not a Copy

Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael Steinsaltz, of whom the Rebbe wrote, in 1970, “I found in him far greater capabilities than were told to me, written to me, and described to me,” passed away last week. He had a unique relationship with, and perspectives on, the Rebbe which he described in two JEM interviews – excerpts of which will be presented on this week’s Living Torah at Here we share several stories he recounted of his interactions with the Rebbe.

New Book Spotlights National Treasure

When Rabbis Elkanah Shmotkin and Boruch Oberlander began research on the Rebbe’s upbringing in Nikolayev, Ukraine, for Jewish Educational Media’s Early Years, they could not have imagined the political and cultural impact their work would have on the local populace. Now, nearly fifteen years after the initial contact with the Ukrainian government, a new book has been published by the State Archives of the Nikolayev Region.