Separation Anxiety

Although I grew up in a religious family in Jerusalem, I did not have any real connection to Chabad until my sister married a Lubavitcher. This led me, in 1974, to the Chabad yeshivah in Kfar Chabad and eighteen months later to meeting the Rebbe in Brooklyn, New York. When that happened, I felt I had discovered … Continue reading Separation Anxiety

Who is a Chassid?

These tactics worked. Suddenly, while I was out of the room, one of the Soviet scientists scribbled in my notebook, “I am a Jew” in small Hebrew letters. We connected, and later I managed to get him out of the Soviet Union. Read More

Service-Oriented Teshuva

I vividly recall walking into the Rebbe’s office and putting on his desk the letter of requests that I had prepared in advance. Then I stood and waited nervously. The Rebbe seemed to read the letter intensely and then looked up at me and, in that instant, my nervousness disappeared. I instantly felt so calm and “at home” that I could direct my full attention to what the Rebbe was saying.

An evening with the Rebbe for Chabad Houses in time for Yud Shevat

Precious Souls explores the Rebbe’s exemplary outlook on Ahavas Yisroel toward each and every Jew, presenting the beautiful message with which he trained our generation to see the intrinsic good and inherent potential inside each one of us. The program features thirty minutes of film - including sichos, stories, and niggunim, along with thirty minutes of talking and discussion points.