The Purim Campaign

Purim is a day of joy and celebration for the entire Jewish community. But the Rebbe taught us that the only proper way to celebrate is to make sure that everyone is included. An overview of the Rebbe’s Purim Campaign.

After Successful Pilot, Precious Souls Launches

Revolutionary new project by JEM launches worldwide after a successful pilot. A carefully crafted presentation, featuring specially produced videos and interspersed with well-prepared talking points was experienced 15 communities in their respective Chabad houses, for an evening that would leave the participants inspired, engaged, and reevaluating their own potential.  Precious Souls, a new project by … Continue reading After Successful Pilot, Precious Souls Launches

The 12-Year-Old Editor

Here's My Story: From the age of ten until I was fifteen, I attended the Chabad yeshivah in Newark, New Jersey. This was a very small, unaccredited school – housed in a one-family, colonial-style home on Grumman Avenue – run by Rabbi Sholom Ber Gordon.