Chanukah 2020: Shining Beyond

We have received requests from several shluchim for videos that can be used for virtual Chanukah events, some have specifically asked for sichos that connect to the current situation with many of the chanukah celebrations taking place over the web.

Available here is a beautiful video of a message from the Rebbe on Chanukah. This short film is being offered free of charge to any and all Shluchim that would like to show it at their Chanukah event (and/or share online).

The clip includes a sicha from Chanukah Live 5752, where the Rebbe speaks about Chanukah and the lessons to be learned from advanced technology, a point which is especially poignant during these days of social restrictions.

Please upload pictures of your community watching this video and send them to or tag us on social media @jewish_media

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This video is being offered free of charge. However, a small donation of $25 dollars is suggested to help support the continuous efforts of JEM to make the Rebbe accessible to every last person. Donate HERE

For info regarding the “Precious Souls” program for Chabad Houses that will be available after Chanukah through Yud Shevat, check out or email