Connection Point to Expand in Three Directions

The one-of a kind program that is seeing global success, training children to understand the Rebbe’s talks directly on their own, is gearing up to launch for the second year with three new initiatives.

Many children are unable to follow a talk of the Rebbe on their own. Whether the difficulty is in the language, the requirement to concentrate, the content, or the difficulty in seeing the flow of the Rebbe’s message, many children tune out when a video of the Rebbe comes on.

Enter Connection Point.

Connection Point, a JEM project in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, is a unique school program which gives children the tools to watch and understand talks directly from the Rebbe. Connection Point creates a great sense of pride within each child, motivating and exciting them to continue learning from and connecting with the Rebbe.

The program has been tremendously successful since its launch, running last year in 37 schools worldwide, with over 3,000 students participating. This coming year, Connection Point will be bigger and better than ever, expanding to 40 schools, hundreds more students, and broadening to other age groups

“We are building on the success of last year to ever better the program,” says Rabbi Levi Plotkin, CP director. “As well, we have initiated two pilot programs, one for high school girls and one for young children, as well as expanded the original program in a number of exciting ways.”

Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, JEM’s director, says “Connection Point has caused a sea-change in children’s confidence and ability to build their own relationship with the Rebbe. What Rabbi Plotkin and the Connection Point team have accomplished is absolutely monumental.”

“Just watch as these 3,000 children grow up,” added Rabbi Shmotkin. “Their ability to comprehend and live with the Rebbe will be absolutely incredible.”

Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, Program Director of Tzivos Hashem, added that the evidence of their new abilities will not be long in coming. “Very soon, with the coming of Moshiach, these children will be listening to the Rebbe speak live. And the Connection Point participants will be able to understand the Rebbe perfectly for themselves.”

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Connection Point is made possible by the members of the JEM Foundation.
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