“A Farbrengen remembered for years to come”

“Try moving his tie, you will see he will become sober”.

“My first acquaintance with him is from when he made Kidush on Vodka in Paris” .

“Your grandfather makes Kidush on 95% and doesn’t need any Mezonos after”.

“Today, people can see miracles [and remain unmoved], going afterwards to eat Kugel…”

“This extraordinary Farbrengen stands out from all the other unique Purim Farbrengens.”

The historic Farbrengen of Purim 5726 is remembered by all those present as a night overflowing with incredible Giluyim. The Farbrengen began at 8:30, and continued until after 3AM, with 14 Sichos, a Ma’mar, Freiliche Nigunim and innumerable special moments.

Perhaps the most famous moment is the Rebbe’s call to empty all the bottles of Mashke in the room, followed by the announcement of “כל הפושט יד נותנים לו – anyone who stretches out his hand will receive Mashke!”.

Making use of newly acquired reels of the Farbrengen, including one from the archives of Rabbi Zev Katz, ashreinu.app has restored the tapes of that historic night, uncovering many additional precious moments that have never been heard before.

Addressing the need to provide background to these moments, the Ashreinu team reached out to Rabbi Leibel Schapiro of Miami, who was present at the Farbrengen. Rabbi Schapiro graciously shared with us memories and anecdotes from that night, providing the context necessary to fully appreciate the Giluyim captured on tape. 

These recorded memories have been matched to the corresponding moment of the Farbrengen, and are played over a series of tracks on a playlist on ashreinu.app.

Click here to listen to moments from Purim 5726 – narrated by Rabbi Schapiro.

“This Farbrengen was remembered for years to come. The special Giluyim and blessings the Rebbe gave, and the concept of כל הפושט יד, the Rebbe’s announcement that he would give Brochos to anyone who requested, was spoken about by the Chassidim who merited to be there for years to come”.

This Farbrengen is one of 10 restored Purim Farbrengens on Ashreinu. For more Ashreinu Purim content, click here.

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