Facing the Enemy Within

The Rebbe’s Pre-Purim Message 38 Years Ago Today

In this beautiful rally from the days leading up to Purim in 5744 – 1984, the Rebbe speaks to children about the relevance of the Purim story today. Over three short talks, the Rebbe explores the meaning of the three famous verses of “Al tirah” that we recite after each prayer. The verses all address the same theme: God’s dedication and commitment to the Jewish people and our confidence in our ultimate triumph.

When Mordechai heard of Haman’s wicked decree, he approached three Jewish children and asked them to share what they had studied that day. As they recalled these now-famous verses, Mordechai was reassured that all would end well for the Jews.

Today, too, we are facing an enemy – an enemy within, as we each battle with our Evil Inclinations. We must remember the spirit of Purim, as we power through the darkness of exile with the light of the Torah and mitzvot.

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