Highlights from 770

Highlights from 770 – Raw. Morning services with the Lubavitcher Rebbe in exceptionally high quality.

Sometimes, it’s the ordinary things that trigger the deepest emotions.

Every day we work to transmit the Rebbe’s voice to ourselves, our families and the world, investing our best effort to remain truthful to his intent.

In Adar I of a leap year, we are especially cognizant of our important mission. It was in Adar I of 1992 that the Rebbe’s own voice was silenced, and our mission took on a new importance (as did the collective mission of every Chassid and every Jew).

It is with these deep emotions that we share these ostensibly “ordinary” scenes of Shacharit – morning services – at 770, filmed in winter of 1992, less than three weeks before the Rebbe suffered his stroke.

As we’ve come to know, nothing with the Rebbe is ordinary.

May Mashiach come now, when we will once again be broadcasting live from 770.

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