1972 film on Chasidim placed online

A 1972 film featuring beautiful scenes of the Rebbe and Crown Heights in the early 1970s was placed online in full. At the time, the filmmaker received special permission to photograph these scenes from the Rebbe’s office. In the early 2000s, working with the Rebbe’s library and the film’s producers, JEM received permission to utilize the clip, including many raw “outs” not included in the original film.

The Clip that Started it All

https://youtu.be/0TeXictgtzY Shortly after this clip aired on Yud Shevat 5740 (1980), Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, assisted by his son Rabbi Hillel Dovid, screened this clip for the Rebbe. After hearing that the younger Rabbi Krinsky assisted the crew, the Rebbe instructed him to continue in this direction. Shortly thereafter, the young man had the idea to … Continue reading The Clip that Started it All